Baby Shower Gift Ideas 🕊

Tracy Fowlie-Crocker | 10 July, 2021

            Baby Shower Gift Ideas 🕊

One minute, you’re a teenager and the highlight of your weekend is going to the movies with your friends, and the next the whole friendship group is having babies and getting married. The most beautiful thing about life is that time flies when you’re having fun.


Baby season is all year round, and sometimes it gets tricky when trying to come up with the perfect baby shower gift. For the mothers that will forever be chic, personalised, and fashionable, baby gift hampers are the go-to when organising your present for a baby shower.


Bella Evaline, Baby Boutique prides itself on making every gift personal, unique and one of a kind. We thought we would make it easy for our customers and do the hard work by offering up our TOP 4 personalised baby gifts that you can buy in Australia.


Bella Evaline Baby Boutique recommends


Don’t want to think? We’ve got you covered with the Baby Bundle

If personalising gifts aren’t your thing, but you want something memorable, let Bella Evaline Baby Boutique think and design for you with ready-made Baby Bundles that can be constructed for a baby girl or baby boy.


Let your baby shower gift be precious and memorable and include the following items the new mother will adore for their child if you would like to customise your bundle by changing the colour and size of pieces. Simply fill out the notes section when at checkout.


Baby Girl Bundle

  • 1 x Snuggle Swaddle
  • 1 x Hello World Disc
  • 1 x Card (We make it even easier for you and can write your card)
  • 2 x Bibs Dummies
  • 1 x Condor Socks
  • 1 x Headwrap
  • 1 x Dummy Chain


Baby Boy Bundle

  • 1 x Snuggle Swaddle
  • 1 x Hello World Disc
  • 1 x Card
  • 2 x Bibs dummies
  • 1 x Teething Ring
  • 1 x Dummy Chain


Lilu Dolls Wicker Pram

For your gift to be timeless and kid-friendly all in one, consider the Lilu Dolls Wicker Pram. This product is a customer favourite, and one of our favourites is gorgeous and dainty design and wicker and wood finish.


There is no denying the mother to be will say that this is one of the best online baby giftsbecause of how nostalgic it will make her feel. The design of this pram was loved from the 60s to the 90s by many. There is no doubt that more than less had a doll pram like this growing up.


Why buy a pram for a newborn? This pram can be used as an interior decorative piece until the newborn is of age to play with it. It is so aesthetically beautiful that it can stand as a piece of art in the corner of your baby room.


The present to add to your bundle creation

Personalised Dummy Chain

If you’re searching for the final piece to the puzzle that is your baby gift hamper, add a wooden personalised Dummy Chain. The dummy includes a wooden beechwood clip that can easily attach to clothing securely and a personalised touch with the chain spelling out the baby’s name.


If you have any questions regarding our products or would simply like assistance with your next purchase, fill out our contact form on our ‘Contact Us’ page, and one of our friendly staff will be happy to assist.


Author: Ivana Zoric