Silicone Bowl And Spoon Set

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Our Silicone bowl and spoon set features:

- A suction capped bowl base 

- A silicone/wooden spoon 

- Completely BPA free, FDA approved silicone NO NASTIES!

- Can withstand heat up to 220 degrees 

- Rounded sides that help get all those last bits of food, the curved lip allows the spoon to be levelled off before its brought to the mouth

- Both shaped with purpose to help your little one learn to feed themselves 

- No 'take apart components' 

- Microwave and dishwasher safe - Spoon must be hand washed due to the wooden handle


The set includes, 1 silicone bowl and 1 silicone/wooden handled spoon 


Our bowls suction to clean and dry sealed surfaces. The bowl needs to be pressed down in the middle of the bowl on to the surface to ensure air pockets are removed from underneath so the suction engages, then you’re good to go!